Our organization is a family business created in 1986.

The work of FMC Family And Community Services (FMC FACS) was started in 1986 as a grassroots effort by Rosetta Jefferson under the auspices of Operation H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Excel) providing annual scholarships to graduating Seniors on their way to college and assistance to families through efforts to address various community concerns.

In 1995, The Community Youth Development (CYD) Progam was established with funds authorized by the 74th Legislature for the purpose of reducing juvenile crime in areas of Texas with the highest incidence of youth crime.  FMC FACS was selected, in partnership with Vision Regeneration, to administer the CYD Program for the communities of 75216 & 75217 in an effort to reduce and prevent juvenile delinquency.  After operating this after-school program for 5 years, Mrs. Jefferson saw a dire need to fill gaps in the services available for families of the youth she served.  

Passing the baton to her youngest son, Omar Jahwar, to carry on the direct youth services in the name of Vision Regeneration, Mrs. Jefferson opened a free Health & Wellness Clinic in 2005.  The clinic was open to the public once a month, and since evolved into an annual Wellness Fair that features community organizations, medical professionals, and informational resources.  FMC FACS received its designation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2007 to provide multifaceted psychosocial and support services to high-risk youth, as well as diverse benevolent activities to the people of the community.

In 2012, FMC FACS worked to streamline the various program efforts and solidify the structure of the organization.  In so doing, FMC FACS created the L.I.F.E. Choices Program (Live Inspired For Excellence) for children and youth, in addition to educational programs for adults in the community to improve personal and professional skills.  FMC FACS also created a Victory Garden to empower the community to live healthy.  In 2015, FMC FACS launched Urban Specialists™ under the leadership of Bishop Omar Jahwar, funded by Stand Together.  After 3 years of technical support and capacity building, in 2018, Urban Specialists™ transitioned to an independent LLC and expanded into Atlanta, GA and Baton Rouge, LA.

Summer of 2018, in an effort to use innovation as a defense to creative destruction, FMC FACS installed a new CEO and revised the organization’s vision.  The mission of FMC FACS is still to build healthy families, with a renewed focus to help individuals grow to build strong communities through self-empowerment and collaboration.  With objectives set to address community concerns such as youth services, healthy food, job training, and economic freedom, FMC FACS continues to mobilize a growing network of collaborative agencies to support innovation and leverage resources throughout Dallas and surrounding areas.

The Legacy of a Trailblzer

Rosetta Walker Jefferson



6 Students Integrate Magnolia High School

In her Junior year, Rosetta was chosen by her family to integrate Magnolia High School with 5 other black students.  Rosetta and her sisters were drafted early as young activists, protesting against segregation in local hangouts and swimming pools in her hometown.


Becomes First Lady of Faith Memorial Church

Lady Rosetta stood alongside her husband, Bishop Larry Jefferson Sr., as they birthed a new ministry, Faith Memorial Church, in Dallas, TX.


The Community Youth Development (CYD) program

In partnership with Vision Regeneration, FMC FACS was selected to administer the CYD Program for the communities of 75216 & 75217 to reduce and prevent juvenile delinquency.


FMC Free Wellness Clinic Opened

FMC FACS launched a free Health & Wellness Clinic for the community.


Launched Urban Specialists

FMC FACS launched Urban Specialists™ under the leadership of Bishop Omar Jahwar, to transform Urban Culture and stop senseless violence in urban cities and communities across the United States.

Magnolia, Arkansas


Graduates Magnolia High School


Moves to Dallas

Rosetta left her family in Magnolia to marry Larry Jefferson, preparing for big city life in Dallas, TX.


FMC Family And Community Services (FMC FACS) was started as a grassroots effort to help students and families.


Partnership with Dallas Housing Authority

In partnership with Vision Regeneration, FMC FACS  provided vocational training for ex-offenders and ex-gang members through community outreach and beautification in the Frazier Court area of South Dallas.


Designated as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit

FMC FACS received designation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to provide services to high-risk youth and people of the community in need.

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