“Ultimately this issue is on us. We’re the ones who make the decisions about what our kids eat.”
— Michelle Obama

The FMC Community Garden began in 2010 as a partnership between FMC Family & Community Services (FMC FACS) and the Good News organization in Dallas, TX.  The efforts of this partnership supported the FMC FACS vision to build healthy families and, in so doing, support stronger communities. Become aware of references latest casino no deposit bonus codes.  In 2012, the Community Garden evolved into The Victory Garden Project.  With a renewed vision and fresh resources, it became the mission of The Victory Garden Project to use urban agriculture as a means to address the lack of access to healthy, nutritious food options in the community.

The Victory Garden Project is designed to:

  • Attract and engage individuals to educate them regarding the benefits of healthy living;
  • Provide greater community access to fresh nutritious food;
  • Empower a growing generation of youth that are engaged and inspired;
  • Enhance self-sufficiency as individuals provide for their families and themselves independent from corporate food systems;
  • Create inter-generational service learning opportunities for volunteers;
  • Educate individuals regarding the environmental benefits and methods of organic gardening; and
  • Increase the resilience and further the beautification of the community.

Harkening to the self-sufficiency of previous generations who planted victory gardens throughout local neighborhoods as a means to support the nation’s war efforts during World War II, The Victory Garden Project is declaring independence from corporate food systems and cultivating a healthier and more fulfilling life for individuals and the community.  The “war” is a revolution and the battleground is in front and backyards; in empty abandoned lots; and in the human body.  This grassroots rebellion is fighting to take back responsibility and control of the food supply through urban agriculture and organic gardening.  Each effort represents one step towards freedom from the forces that would keep people dependent on a system of genetically modified and processed foods, and one giant leap towards thriving, healthy, and self-sufficient communities.  Organic gardening heightens the taste and nutrition of meals, and along the way individuals experience the empowerment and fulfillment that comes from learning the basic skills of providing for themselves and their families.

The Victory Garden Project will utilize the following to accomplish its mission and purpose in the community:

  • The Community Garden – Exercise organic gardening and utilizes volunteers from the community, providing service learning opportunities for youth and families.
  • The FACS Food Pantry – Supply fresh nutritious food from Victory Garden to families in need.
  • The Farmers Market – Provide community access to fresh nutritious food and an outlet for local growers.
  • Healthy Education Classes – Educate the community regarding the benefits and methods of healthy cooking, healthy eating, and healthy living.


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